Napa Valley River Stone

As an added bonus to any treatment, you can feel like a part of the earth with these amazing heated stones. Every part of you will feel relaxed and detoxified as these smooth stones deposit their healing properties. The stones are not just placed on to the skin and left to sit, they are massaged into the muscles for deeply therapeutic effects.
Stones are used during your massage time and do not add extra time so we suggest at least 75 minutes for the full body stone.

Back, Neck & Shoulder: $10 // Full Body: $15

Hydrating Aromatherapy – Shea Butter

Applied during your massage time. After the massage portion of your treatment, we use warm steamy towels to remove excess oil and we massage in this ultra rich aromatic shea body cream to nourish and hydrate the skin.
Choose from: Unscented, Milk & Honey, Lavender, Peppermint, Coco Mint, Rosemary Mint

Upper Body: $10 // Full Body: $15

Aloe Vera & Seaweed cooling regenerative body mask

Over sun exposure can leave your skin dehydrated, red and irritated. Our soothing aloe and seaweed body mask is rich in 150 vitamins and minerals. It helps relieve pain and inflammation due to the healing properties of glycoproteins. The presence of polysaccharides in aloe vera repair damaged cells and aid in the formation of new cells. While you are wrapped in thermal elements, we perform an invigorating scalp and foot massage. Finishing this treatment is our organic Vegan Milk & Honey scented shea body butter with vitamins A, B, C & E to relax your senses and lock in needed moisture. Leaves your skin detoxified, smoothed and hydrated.

60 min: $105

Dry Sauna

Foot reflexology with salt glow, warm towels and finished with hydrating sole cream, done with-in your massage time. $15
15 min pre treatment Aromatic Mineral Foot Soak with herbal tea in your room. $20

Foot Reflexology

Begins with 15 minute aromatic foot soak, once you step out, get into your warm massage bed and begin an indulgent 30 minute lower leg and foot massage with reflexology, warm stones, scrub, steam with warm towels, and finished with moisturizing foot balm.

45 min: $75

White Flower warm neck wrap therapy

Applied during your massage time. After we massage the back, a warm neck wrap is applied with white flower oil. This helps to warm up the neck before the neck massage.


Invigorating Scalp Treatment

With rosemary & mint done within massage time.


Body Exfoliation

Experience this cleansing and hydrating exotic body polish. Specially blended fruit and nut extracts and sugar from the tropics gently buff away dead skin cells, removing toxins and wastes from the skin to reveal totally rejuvenated skin. As a finishing touch to this treatment a body souffle butter with vitamins A, B, C & E and shea are added which boosts elasticity and locks in moisture and provides lost hydration leaving a beautiful shimmer for gorgeous glowing skin that’s silky smooth and deliciously fragrant.

Back: $15 // Neck, Arms & Decollete: $15 // Feet & Legs: $15
Full Body: $60 (adds 30 mins.)

Dry Sauna

Enhance your spa experience and aid in the flushing of toxins by heating up your whole body in our couples sauna. Sauna benefits: stress relief, soothe aches & pains, cleanse the skin, cardiovascular performance, burn calories.

30 min: $20

30 min: $30

Sauna Disclaimer* We are a showerless spa and offer many aromatic steamy towels at the end of this service.

Peppermint Pedi

Enjoy this creamy foot mask that will cool, soften and restore dehydrated and sore feet. It starts with reflexology, salt glow from feet to knees, creamy mask removed with warm steamy towels and then a foot balm is applied to lock in the moisture.* Does not include nail treatment.

30 min: $25